Friday, May 28, 2010

kindergarten here we come :)

kya graduated from preschool this morning. i am so proud of her! she is such a sweet girl with a heart of gold. i LOVE LOVE LOVE being her mommy! as excited i am about kya and what am amazing little girl she is..i am sad about how quick it is happening. how did my baby grow up so quick??
well sweet kya i love you more then you will even know. i love how you love others and have such a kind heart! i love watching how much you love jesus and how much you love to worship him and pray to him. i love watching you make friends and learn sooooo much! you are such a smart girl! you make your mommy and daddy so proud!
i love you kya payton!
happy preschool graduation day :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

2 of my greatest blessings

the last couple weeks i have been spending a lot of time praying and thinking about parenting. i feel so blessed to have these 2 amazing girls. they are kind, compassionate, patient, loving, fun, honest, giving, and so much more!

i see so many of us as parents trying to get our kids involved with so many "activities". to have our kids be successful adults and reach all the "worldly goals". i am so guilty of this. i know it is important to have our kids be active and educated, but i find myself putting too much time and effort into this and not into saturating their lives with teaching them about Jesus. i want to see my kids grow up with a faith for Jesus that is so evident in their lives. i got this list from my ladies bbstudy last week, i want to spend more time praying for my kids...i am so excited to have this list to guide me :)

1~that my children would be my delight
2~that I consider them my priority
3~their salvation and evidence of it (hebrews 2:3, 2 peter 1:30)
4~their future mate (proverbs 31-10-31)
5~that they would fall in love with God's word (psalm 119:97-165)
6~that God would keep them from the evil one (john 17:15)
7~that they would have a conscience void of offense before God and man (1tim 1:5-9)
8~that they would be able to discern Gods voice (john 10:27)
9~that their character would be more valuable to them then their credentials (2peter 1:3-11)
10~that they would stand up for what is right even if it means standing alone (daniel 3 :16 6:10)
11~that they would be kept from the love of money (1 tim 6:12)
12~the they would be kept morally pure (1 thessalonians 4 :3-8)
13~that the would have the heart of a servant (john 13:2-15)
14~that God would reveal and develop their spiritual gifts (1 corithians 12:1 14:1)
15~that eternity would burn in their hearts (1 timothy 6 :12_
16~that sin would always be distasteful to them and that htey would be broken easily over their sin (hebrews 11:25)
17~that they would love each other (1 john 3:11 4:11)
18~that they would trust God with their parents and not allow rebellion to set in (proverbs 3:5)
19~that regardless of hardship, that they would never become bitter against God (job 1:12)
20~that they will have good friends (1 corinthians 15:33
21~contentment (1 timothy 6:6)
22~that they will learn to worship God (revelation 4:11)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

girls mexico trip :)

my amazing sister dana invited us to a girls trip down to mexico! we have been taking about a girls trip for a couple of years...but thanks to dana we could make it actually happen!
here we are on the train at dia so excited to be on our way!

we headed to the beach right away to take in the amazing view! we were soo excited!

sisters and friends :)

we love our mom!!

this resort had the most amazing pool and beach! we were in paradise :)

it was so fun to relax and have fun in the sun during the day and to be able to go have a nice dinner together at night. we laughed ALOT and made TONS of fun memories :)

what a great time just hanging out with my sisters and my mom!! i LOVE THEM!!

this was our last day enjoying the pool and drinks :)

THANK YOU DANA!! what a fun trip! i am so lucky to have an amazing mom and 2 amazing sisters that i LOVE to hang out with!

marks birthday!

i had to work on mark's birthday, but we still wanted to make it special :) kya made her daddy a cake :)

and decorated it just how she wanted :)

we met daddy for lunch, and gave him some presents :)

we got "daddy drinks", pizza and mark got to have a little bday party at home with his girls

and even got to blow out the candles with kevin and the kids on his bday!

i love you mark, you are the most amazing husband and dad! i could not have dreamed up a better person to share life with! i love you more and more each day! i can't wait to celebrate MANY more bdays to come!