Thursday, February 3, 2011

days i always want to remember

last week we had some BEAUTIFUL days, so we took full advantage and headed to the park! the girls LOVE to be outside and i love it almost as much! i grabbed the camera and had a blast just taking pictures. it is days like this i always want to remember. when life seemed simple and a morning spent at the park made life seem perfect. i don't know why but there seems to be soo much tragedy around these days. sickness, marriages falling apart...etc.. It makes me really stop and take each day for the treasure it is. thankful i have 2 healthy girls, a loving devoted husband, and so much more. please keep this sweet family in your prayers. she is a young mother of 2 girls ages (12,10). my heart breaks for them!

so when life seems to get crazy and we find ourselves complaining, loosing our patience...etc. take a deep breath and truly thank God for all the blessing we do have and treasure each moment......

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