Tuesday, August 30, 2011

kinley started preschool!!!

kinley started preschool last week weds at canyon creek. we were so excited when she got her placement for her IEP for speech there since her cousins go to that school. it is so nice to not have to drive all the way across town like we had to last year. kinley is on a IEP ( individual education plan) for speech and occupational therapy. since she has both apraxia of speech and sensory integration disorder we feel so blessed to life in a state that supports kids with disabilities and provides schooling and therapy! we met kinley's speech therapist and occupational therapist at her new school and LOVE them both! they are so great with kinely and have a huge heart for kids with disabilities. i of course get nervous being at a new school and a new environment...wondering how kinley will react and do. i am so happy to say that we are on day #4 of school today and when i dropped her off she just gave me a kiss and said "bye mom" and ran to sit and color with some new friends! it feels sooooo good to see her excited and adjusting so well!

when i think back to last january when she first got placed in school for her IEP she could not say but maybe 5-10 words...and here we are 6-7 months later and she is talking SOOO much more. she is able to communicate a lot of her needs and what she is feeling! it brings tears to my eyes thinking of all the answers to the many prayers we had for kinley! we have a LONG road ahead and i know kinley will always struggle but she is doing amazing!

here are some pictures of kinley before her first day at canyon creek :) she is all the sudden looking so much older!

I love you kinley hudson! you are a LIGHT in in life! i feel soooooo BLESSED to be your mommy! your SMILE and JOY for life touches everyone around you! God made you SOOO SPECIAL and i can't wait to see how He is going to use you ! i am SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!

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