Sunday, November 20, 2011

the house mess...

while we were enjoying the zoo one day...i had noticed our wood floors were starting to warp a little. i had put a fan on it while we were gone for the day. when we got home is was much worse. i pulled the fridge out..and starting looking everywhere to figure out where this water was coming from. it ended up being a slow leak from our ice machine that has been SLOWLY leaking for probably a couple months. i started pulling baseboards off and seeing if anything was wet..and found MOLD growing behind our baseboards in the kitchen area! we had to call a home restoration company and we moved to a hotel for about 5-6 days while they started to dry up all the mess and control the mold. luckily it was during fall break to it was actually kind up fun. the girls had a blast swimming and relaxing in the hotel!

once it was all dried and cleaned up we moved home and started the process of working with the insurance to see what needed to be replaced. it was quite the process but after about another week of figuring it all out...we moved out again while we got the entire main wood floors done, painting ..drywall and we also knocked down the little half wall between the kitchen and family room since this was the perfect time for them to do that with doing all the floors.

we were so glad to be able to move back home and enjoy the new floors..paint and new layout! it was quite the process but we are so happy with how it all turned out!

it has been kind of fun getting some new stuff for the main floor to complete the look! i am excited for the new open space for the holidays!

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