Thursday, October 4, 2012

estes day #3

day #3 we headed into town for some shopping and little festival that was going on. it was such a BEAUTIFUL day!

on our way out of town we stopped at the golf course as there are always elk there. we spotted them and just enjoyed the scenery.

across the meadow we noticed some people getting VERY close to a huge bull elk...well sure enough he did not like it and CHARGED right at them

this lady got bumped by the elk ...

and took a MAJOR faceplant

the bull was NOT happy about this lady climbing the tree

what the lady on the fence doesn't know is there is ANOTHER BULL ELK right behind her!
anyways i know it was kinda scary...but for reals people need to get a clue... these are wild animals! GIVE THEM SPACE!
that was a rather funny and entertaining way to end our trip! a memory we will never forget :)

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