Thursday, June 12, 2008

change :)

it is so weird blogging about myself. i find so often i get lost in my busy life. i get consumed with being a wife...a mommy...a nurse...a daughter...a sister....a friend...that i forget who i really am! this week mark was gone with work to portland so it was just me and the girls. after i would tuck the girls in for the was just weird. i had a lot of time to shows that i wanted...and really be selfish. i felt kind of guilty, but to be completely honest it felt good :)

with all this time to be with just me..i am realizing i need to work on me. i need to take the time to be with just god and me... to take time to work on what i need to change in my heart.. what i need to grow in. and boy there is a lot to work on :) even though i missed my husband more then anyone will ever know, i think it was really good for me to have this time.

one fun part was i got my hair done ;) since i have know mark i have never really done anything with my hair. i kind have kept the same hairstyle and never put any color or anything. so today i went for it :) i got 3 different colors put in and got a cut!! it was so fun !!

so along with this outward change i am hoping for an inward change! it is my goal to take the time to really look at my heart and my relationship with god and GROW!!


tim and kristi said...

super cute hair. love the change. and i trust that as you seek the Lord you with find Him in mighty ways. you are in my prayers. love, kristi (also not sure the money saved was worth the crazy trip to nepal as i feel a bit off - but hopefully will feel better in a few days - oh well).

Brooke said...

Umm, your hair looks fantastic and I'm a little jealous. Glad you've had some good alone time, I value that time a lot. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, beautiful hair! And it matches your inside! You are an amazing inspiration and I thank God everyday that we have you and your family in our lives! Never stop growing and walking closer to God...we'll do it together. :)

Clark Family said...

I agree with Mandy... you already are amazing!!! I love hearing all that is going on in your heart... I'm glad that you had some time alone... what a treat :)
missing you more than you know :)

LauraAnne said...

You certainly do so much that it isn't selfish at all to take a time out for you. In fact, it is important.

I am in awe of you and what you do.

mbguikema said...

wow i feel so loved....thank you everyone for your nice comments!!!