Thursday, June 26, 2008

grandmas horse

what a amazing time this was. mark got to bring kya to see her grandmas horse!! ET was marks mom's horse that she loved. a dear friend of mark's family graciously took ET in when marks mom died. it was so special to see mark, kya and ET together! it was like a piece of grandma was there with them! kya was so excited to go visit the horses. ...kya has the same love for animals just like marks mom. we put marks mom's saddle on and kya got to ride ET. i can only imagine the smile on her face watching kya with her horse :) mark was smiling from ear to ear the entire time we were there. it was so fun for me to see mark with his past. he rode horses a lot growing up and it was awesome for me to be able to see that is person!
kya loved ET!!
daddy and his cowgirl :)
riding together!
rachel and kya on ET...mark was so proud!


Clark Family said...

Ok so I am totally crying!!!! What a special time for you mark :) I'm so glad that Kya got a piece of your mom even if she wasn't as aware of it as you were. it was still VERY SPECIAL!!!! I'm glad your trip went so well...

No baby yet... i always miss my mom when my babies come more than almost any other time since she's been gone... it was a sweet treat to read your blog this morning... thank you :)Love ya guys, kacy

Anonymous said...

oh girl! How amazing and special! I know Kya will love to hear the stories of her grandmother and the relationship that she and Mark had! Beautiful pictures, beautiful story. ;)

Brooke said...

I think it's funny you titled this post "a piece FRO the past" :)

Maybe I'll stop by this week to see you and your girlies.

Brooke said...

My turn to hassle YOU for new posts. New posts, please!