Wednesday, November 19, 2008

are you sure it is november??

i am sitting here with my front and back door open trying to convince myself it is really november! i love colorado!! i cannot believe it is really almost thanksgiving. our life, like everyone else, is so busy and crazy that days, weeks and months seem to fly by! but i feel like i need to work on stopping and taking those moments to cherish today!
well today is a great day! i love the mornings we don't "have" to go anywhere. were i get to lay in bed and feed kinley while kya gets to watch cartoons without any rush! i love taking time in the morning to slowly sip my coffee and enjoy it. unlike so many mornings were i just chug the entire cup in one drink :) kya got to pick out her outfit because i knew we were not going anywhere. she of course picked matching dresses for her and kinley. the problem with kya's dress is that is barely covers her butt :) my little miss whose legs are a mile long has now grown out of her 4t dresses! oh well we threw on some tights and she was good to go :) today is yet another gorgeous colorado day. we opened all the blinds and the doors and have been enjoying this day! i feel so thankful for my life, for having a God that loves me so much that he blesses me all the time!

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tim and kristi said...

sounds like a great day!