Tuesday, November 25, 2008

they melt my heart!

i love this time of year! i love the decorations, the parties, the family get togethers, everything! today kya had her thanksgiving party at preschool. she had so much fun! she made a list of the things she was thankful for...dad, mom, sister, friends, and dog. it has been fun talking with her about all the blessings God has given her and us as a family. just in the last week, kya and kinley have really been able to "play" together! since kinley is creeping all over, she can get to where kya is and play with her. it has been so fun to watch the two of them interact. they both love eachother so much. no one can make kinley laugh harder then kya, and for the most part, kya is very sweet and caring with kinley. as a mom, i am so overwhelmed with my love for these girls! no one could have prepared me for what a mothers love would be like! i know so many hard times will come and go...but today was just one of those great days! i just had to snap some pictures of the girls today..they were both so happy and just enjoying life!
big girl sitting in the rocking chair
what a doll!
two of my greatest joys!
she is so grown up!
her hat she made today with the things she is thankful for


Clark Family said...

My sweet friend... THEY MELT MY HEART TOO!!! Those bows bring a smile to my face on the gloomiest of days!!! seriously, I love them... and I love the pictures of your girls!

tim and kristi said...

i love all of those pictures!! hope you all had a great thanksgiving.