Thursday, June 26, 2008

grandmas horse

what a amazing time this was. mark got to bring kya to see her grandmas horse!! ET was marks mom's horse that she loved. a dear friend of mark's family graciously took ET in when marks mom died. it was so special to see mark, kya and ET together! it was like a piece of grandma was there with them! kya was so excited to go visit the horses. ...kya has the same love for animals just like marks mom. we put marks mom's saddle on and kya got to ride ET. i can only imagine the smile on her face watching kya with her horse :) mark was smiling from ear to ear the entire time we were there. it was so fun for me to see mark with his past. he rode horses a lot growing up and it was awesome for me to be able to see that is person!
kya loved ET!!
daddy and his cowgirl :)
riding together!
rachel and kya on ET...mark was so proud!

fun memories

we are home from our trip to michigan. we had a great time making so many memories with all of marks family!! the girls did amazing on the plane and traveled like pros! we were SUPER busy while we were there and pretty exhausted when we arrived home..but these pictures show the times we had that make it all worth it! kya has twin cousins that are a week older then her. she has not seen them in almost 2 years so it was so fun to watch the girls play together!
the 3 girls :)


are they cute or what?

matching birthday dresses

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

girls day!!

kya got her first mani and pedi today!! what fun to have a girl to do these things with.! she was so good and sat perfectly! here are some pictures from the big event :)

pretty toes!!
lettting her hands dry!
such a doll!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

fun weekend!!

we had a great weekend! we spend a lot of family time together which was wonderful! we went to the parker festival on sat night which was so fun! kya got to ride carnival rides! she loved all the rides...she thought she was a disneyland!
we also had a wonderful fathers day celebrating mark and the amazing daddy he is! here are some pictures from our weekend!

daddy and kinley at the festival
mommy and kinley at the festival
kya loves her daddy!
daddy and his big girl!
sweet loves for daddy!
mommy her her sweet girl!
happy beautiful kinley
daddy and kya riding the whales
kya loves the horsey!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

change :)

it is so weird blogging about myself. i find so often i get lost in my busy life. i get consumed with being a wife...a mommy...a nurse...a daughter...a sister....a friend...that i forget who i really am! this week mark was gone with work to portland so it was just me and the girls. after i would tuck the girls in for the was just weird. i had a lot of time to shows that i wanted...and really be selfish. i felt kind of guilty, but to be completely honest it felt good :)

with all this time to be with just me..i am realizing i need to work on me. i need to take the time to be with just god and me... to take time to work on what i need to change in my heart.. what i need to grow in. and boy there is a lot to work on :) even though i missed my husband more then anyone will ever know, i think it was really good for me to have this time.

one fun part was i got my hair done ;) since i have know mark i have never really done anything with my hair. i kind have kept the same hairstyle and never put any color or anything. so today i went for it :) i got 3 different colors put in and got a cut!! it was so fun !!

so along with this outward change i am hoping for an inward change! it is my goal to take the time to really look at my heart and my relationship with god and GROW!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

i love weekends!!

kya swimming like a fish
daddy and kinley in the water
kinley loved the water
love the suit
beach baby

my water baby

she loves to swim!!
Kinley lounging at the pool!
mommy and kinley at the pool!
daddy and kinley

there is just nothing better then having a weekend just to spend time with my family! we had beautiful weather...and took full advantage of it! we spend a lot of time in the yard..gardening...running through the sprinklers...and just playing. today we took the girls to the pool for their first swim of the year! kya is a little fish and has great confidence in the water. she even tried the big water slide today...she only did it once but for not even being three yet i was very proud. kinley loved the water as well. she sat and kicked her legs and was just calm as can be. we had a great time. kya was so sweet sharing all her toys with "her friends". i am so proud of her and what a sweet girl she is.

today i went and bought a booster seat for kya that was on sale. she is getting so tall she is getting ready to move into a booster. we thought it would be must easier to travel with then hauling her big britax carseat. we are flying to michigan in 2-1/2 weeks so we thought it would be great for that trip! when i got home she was so excited that she had a booster like connor and dylan her cousins! i told her we would use it on the plane when we go to michigan. she immediatly wanted to fly today :) i told her the plane had to get cleaned and filled up with gas and it was going to take it a while to get all ready for us. i cannot count how many times today already she has asked if the plane is ready....this is going to be a long 2-1/2 weeks :)