Thursday, January 15, 2009

big night!!

tonight was a big night for kinley. we got together with sean and lexi at my parents house. while we were having dinner tate leaned over and gave kinley a big kiss ...we were all laughing so hard that tate really went for it and slipped her the tongue!! i was in shock that our little baby had just had her first kiss that ended in a french kiss!! we had a great night of catching up, laughing, and just enjoying being together. then to top off the night we discovered kinley had popped her 6th tooth! what a night...her first kiss and her 6th tooth came through!! wow...what a night :)

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Mandy Stevenson said...

oh my!! That is funny! Bless her little heart for popping all these teeth! Maybe she can teach Kate how to do that! ;) Hope we can get all these monkeys together soon to play.