Friday, July 10, 2009

happy birthday kya payton!

kya is 4...what?? how did that happen???
i feel so blessed to have such a sweet girl!
kya is such an amazing little girl. she is wise beyond her years. she is compassionate, giving, loving, kind, fun, outgoing, talkative, sensitive, creative, organized, an amazing sister...i could go on and on!!
here are some pictures from her birthday. kya said she wanted a fairy flower party. kya's grandpa and grandma guikema came from michigan to celebrate. we had a fun fairy flower breakfast, made cupcakes, went swimming, and then had a fun party with family and a few friends. it was a great time!!
i love you kya payton you are a light in my life!
the birthday girl
kinley was so excited

her new high school musical toy
such a sweet girl!
birthday breakfast
kya was so excited to have grandpa and grandma here
her fairy flower!
my little fish
all ready for the party

all set up
kinley loves the cupcake
her beautiful picture from her cousin
the stevenson family got her a bridal dress!!
who knows with these 2!!


Anonymous said...

Love your post. Love Kya. Loved her birthday party. Love you guys! The picture of her and Tommy with her in the wedding dress is to die for. Seriously, if they end up getting married, I am blowing this up for the reception! Got to embarrass's our job as parents, right?? ;)

elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! You indeed have two very lovely daughters. Many Years to Kya!

Chrissie and Eric said...

Happy Birthday Kya! Thanks for letting us be a part of it! You ARE a sweet and amazing little girl!

kstivers said...

You are such a wonderful role model for your girls! Happy Birthday Kya! Brooke, I was just looking at pictures of when you were there with Nico and I hope you know how much we appreciate you! You are an awesome mom!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!! What fun B-day pics, looks like another memorable day!! SO CUTE!!!
Love Ya, Kerry