Sunday, July 19, 2009


i don't know what the Lord wants to teach me now, but i am done learning :)
kinley got hand, foot, mouth disease this week. joy! what a NASTY virus. well instead of getting better every day, she is getting worse. today she would not drink or eat anything, she had no wet diapers, and would not stop crying. her mouth looked HORRIBLE, and i could not even get her to take tylenol or motrin. we talked to the on call nurse and decided we should take her in to the er to get looked at. they decided she was dehydrated and needed some pain medication. we got her hydrated and got her some "baby vicodin" and she was so much happier. she looked like she was stoned when we left...but at least she was not crying!
we got her home and she has been sleeping ever since!! praise the lord!!
i feel like our life has been one mess after another since april. the beginning of april kinley had tubes placed due to prolonged ear infections we could not clear, mark got diagnosed with sarcoidosis in the end of april, mothers day mark had a set back, fathers day we got the stomach flu, we have crazy medical bills, our house got hit with hail, mark backed into his car with my car....well i could go on and on but i wont :)
what is God trying to teach me...i must be missing something. i know this is life, but i feel like i seriously can't handle anymore. i am so ready for life to just be easy for a little while. i know things could be so much worse, but i need a break :)
at the same moment i feel overwhelmed i feel so blessed! i have an AMAZING husband, 2 beautiful daughters and so many amazing family and friends! i have a baby girl that no long has ear infections, we found an amazing doctor to help us through this new diagnosis of sarcoidosis, i have had so many great moments with my family just being at home and enjoying life, we are getting a new roof due to the hail storm, we have health insurance ( the bills will be get paid eventually), we have 2 cars to drive, and i am married to the greatest guy in the world!!
i know we will get through this current storm and that we will come out the other side stronger.for now i am going to choose joy, to not let it get me down but instead to choose to allow it to make me stronger.


elizabeth said...

Wow. Poor baby girl! This is a lot for your family - I am praying for you and you and Mark are prayed for every weekend at my church. I am really sorry to hear about this struggle. My love and prayers.

kstivers said...

Please tell God that your plate is full and you need a bit of a break. You are so are a rock to your family and to your friends, and God will continue to be your rock. Please let us know if there is anything we can shop, run errands....anything. You are going to make it through this....just remember to breathe.
Hugs, love and our prayers are with you.

Chrissie and Eric said...

Brooke - I am so sorry to hear about all the struggles you guys have faced recently. You are constantly asking what you can do for others and you're such a sweet friend. I know it's hard to understand what God is doing right now, but He will bless you for your faith and for trusting in Him. We are praying for you guys. I echo Keri, if there is anything we can do, please let us help!

Brooke said...

Whew! I'm a little tired even just reading this list of yours! We are praying for you and your family's health. Poor Kinley. :( Hang in there. Keri and I won't let you NOT let us help you. Are your eyes crossed after reading that sentence? Love you.

Brooke (and Gabe and Ellis)

Kristi K said...

thinking and praying and loving from vancouver!

Anonymous said...

Your faith, and your decision to chose joy is truly inspiring. You have been thru so much these last few months, and I am in constant awe of your strength and the strength of your family! God bless you all...everyday, all day long!