Monday, November 2, 2009

happy halloween



we had such a great halloween this year! we had a beautiful Cinderella and adorable peacock :) both girls LOVED their costumes.

my little peacock :)

kya was so excited to be cinderella! i think she looked more beautiful then any princess i have ever seen!

tommy, kate and mandy came along again to the fall festival. we always love spending time with them! kya and tommy are just too cute together!

the guikema family halloween 2009

my cute construction worker and his peacock...are they cute or what??

there was crafts to do at the fall festival, and of course my girls had a blast making a candy corn magnet :)

kya played a ton of games and then got her favorite COTTON CANDY!

the girls got their face painted....kinley had a cute heart painted on..and then rubbed it off the minute she got out of the chair :) nice ! kya and maci loved it though!
kya and tommy wanted to do the boxing ring. it was soo funny watching them suit up and attempt to lift the HUGE boxing gloves!

we ended the night with some good ole dancing! it was such a great night. everyone had a great time! i can't wait till next year. kya says she wants to be ariel and kinley flounder...we shall see :)


elizabeth said...

How cute, adorable and beautiful!! looks like your girls had a great time!

Clark Family said...

Your girls are the cutest!!! I love the peacock. :) Isn't Halloween the best! Love ya friend.

kstivers said...

Too much! Love the girls, they are so precious! Halloween is the Best ever! Those smiles say it all!

Molly at Blink Photographic said...

wow. the peacock? darling!
and, that must be the "new" sanctuary? so cool.
miss you all - been wondering what life' been like for you 4 lately - thankful for your blog!
molly and the fellas