Saturday, March 6, 2010

sick girls :(

well the poor girls got super sick after our fun weekend up in the mountains. kya started with horrible croup and fever. and kinley ended up getting it too. me and the girls were home all week trying to get them healthy. kya was so sad to miss school all week, so i told her i would be her teacher. we picked the letter of the week to be "b" and we spend time doing Beautiful crafts, Baking, taking Bubble Baths, reading Books and watching a lot of Barbie movies that week :) kya would giggle every time she would ask "miss brooke" a question! here is kya in her home "classroom" :)

we are so thankful the girls are on the mend. i am sure this nasty cough they both have is going to stick around for a little while, but they are both doing sooo much better. kya was sooo excited to get back to school, dance class and to see her cousins again. she missed them all soo much.

here are some pictures of maci and kya so happy to be playing together again!


elizabeth said...

glad they are on the mend! I will say a prayer for them...

kstivers said...

You are such an amazing mom! So glad to hear the girls are feeling better.