Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring is in the air :)

i love spring. i love easter and the reminder of the awesome gift God gave us. i love being outside and seeing new things start to bloom. i love planting flowers. i love rocking in my rocking chair listening to music. i love watching the girls play in the backyard. i love having my doors open. i just love it all! today was one of those days i love! we spent all day outside. i cleared out some gardens and played with the kids. we ate lunch outside. it was wonderful!

i saw this fun project and was excited to try it out. you take egg shells and plant grass in them and then by easter morning you have festive decorations. :) if you look very carefully you can see one little blade of grass coming up!! soooo fun!

i love easter. i love doing fun crafts with the kids to help them understand the true easter story. i also just love putting up little fun decorations to celebrate spring.

i love tulips and daffodils...i am sooo excited to see mine starting to pop up!

i love planting the flower and vegetable gardens. we just started our seedlings a couple days ago and they are already sprouting!!

yes i am happy to say spring is in the air!


elizabeth said...

so nice! it is wonderful to have spring again!!

kstivers said...

I loved this blog entry! You filled my heart with happiness!

Anonymous said...

you are so awesome and creative!! Such an inspiration!