Monday, March 22, 2010

wonderful weekend!

this past weekend we got to go up to grand lake again for a family get away. both my uncles have cabins up there and are SOOOO generous and let us use them! this weekend we went to my uncle dave and aunt dawns cabin with my parents, and siblings and kiddos!
the weather was beautiful while we were up there. bright blue skies! we spend all weekend snuggled up inside enjoying the beautiful view and each other! dana came up with a ton of fun games that kept both the kids and adults entertained. sonya came up with some AMAZING recipes and i got to watch and "help" in the kitchen learning a thing or two! we also just enjoyed relaxing. we read, watched movies, talked, listened to music, played games it was so nice! one of my favorite things was waking up to this view from our bedroom window!!

this also was some of my favorite times. i loved to retreat to our bedroom during the girls nap time and listen to music, drink some coffee, do my bible study and hang with my hubby :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring is in the air :)

i love spring. i love easter and the reminder of the awesome gift God gave us. i love being outside and seeing new things start to bloom. i love planting flowers. i love rocking in my rocking chair listening to music. i love watching the girls play in the backyard. i love having my doors open. i just love it all! today was one of those days i love! we spent all day outside. i cleared out some gardens and played with the kids. we ate lunch outside. it was wonderful!

i saw this fun project and was excited to try it out. you take egg shells and plant grass in them and then by easter morning you have festive decorations. :) if you look very carefully you can see one little blade of grass coming up!! soooo fun!

i love easter. i love doing fun crafts with the kids to help them understand the true easter story. i also just love putting up little fun decorations to celebrate spring.

i love tulips and daffodils...i am sooo excited to see mine starting to pop up!

i love planting the flower and vegetable gardens. we just started our seedlings a couple days ago and they are already sprouting!!

yes i am happy to say spring is in the air!

Friday, March 12, 2010

such a sweet girl!

on thurs morning kya when i went into her room to wake her up to get ready for school...she was waiting for me. her bed was made, and she was dressed sitting in her chair reading a book! she was so proud and so was her mommy!
kya is such a sweet soul and LOVES to make you happy!
this girl is SUCH a joy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

sick girls :(

well the poor girls got super sick after our fun weekend up in the mountains. kya started with horrible croup and fever. and kinley ended up getting it too. me and the girls were home all week trying to get them healthy. kya was so sad to miss school all week, so i told her i would be her teacher. we picked the letter of the week to be "b" and we spend time doing Beautiful crafts, Baking, taking Bubble Baths, reading Books and watching a lot of Barbie movies that week :) kya would giggle every time she would ask "miss brooke" a question! here is kya in her home "classroom" :)

we are so thankful the girls are on the mend. i am sure this nasty cough they both have is going to stick around for a little while, but they are both doing sooo much better. kya was sooo excited to get back to school, dance class and to see her cousins again. she missed them all soo much.

here are some pictures of maci and kya so happy to be playing together again!