Monday, June 27, 2011

kinley's speech therapy update

life has been crazy. with the end of the year activities for both the girls i have not taken the time to sit and write how things are going with kinley. we have been SUPER blessed this summer to have been able to start kinley's "speech fund". we cannot express how amazing is has been to see so many people give so graciously to help toward kinley's costs of therapy! we have had many "angels" come into our life and bless our socks off! God is so good! it feel so amazing to have an account that is now just for kinley and her future with helping with this speech journey.!! thank you to everyone for all you have done! you are a TRUE answer to prayer!

kinley is doing SOO well! she is talking so much! a lot of it is babble, as she is in the phase most 12-18 month olds are in of experimenting with her voice. but the best part is she is really imitating A LOT! it is so fun to hear her TRY to repeat what we say! her list of words she uses has gone from about 10 words about 3 months ago to probably40- 50 words she uses on a regular basis. it is amazing! we have had A LOT of hurdles figuring out what works for kinley and i am not going to lie it takes A LOT OF HARD WORK! there are many days i want to quit but we keep pushing through and God is faithful! he gives us just what we need to keep going even when it is hard! it has been so fun to see kinley be able to communicate with others. she LOVES to try to be a part of a conversation ! we have a LONG road still ahead..but words cannot express how amazing it is to hear kinley say new words! when i think back to where we were only 3 months ago when she could not even say still brings tears to my eyes!

thank you all for your continued prayers and support! they mean so much! i am hoping to post a couple videos soon of kinley's progress!


elizabeth said...

so glad to hear!

Brooke said...

It's amazing! But really, kids are like that, aren't they? So able to amaze us, continually showing us we've underestimated them again.

Can't wait to see Kinley again and have a little chat with her :)