Wednesday, June 1, 2011

memorial day 2011

we had some friends and family over on monday for a little memorial day bbq. you know me if given the chance to have some people over and get to decorate a little...i am always on board! we were a little worried about the weather but were so excited to wake up to blue skies and sun! we got everything set up and then the wind started kicking in...well about 30 min into the bbq...i guess i will call it a micro burst wind gust came and blew down 4 sections of our fence. it snapped the posts right off! it was so scary seeing these huge sections of fence fly. thank goodness we have a little decorative fence inside the other fence that kept it from flying down at hurting the kids! the decorations and lawn stuff kind of took a beating, but we had an awesome group who helped clean up and we went right back to the fun! the rest of the day was wonderful and such a great time! the best part is the management company from the hoa came and said the back fence is their responsibility since it backs up to a road....YEA!! wish they would have said that last time we lost the fence in the tornado a couple years back! but i guess one of the home owners took them to court and now how they are covering it! nice!

here are some fun pictures from our day !

it was all fun...until the wind hit.!!

adding a little dish soap to make it more fun!

dylan all lathered up to get some speed!

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