Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 year anniversary

last week was mark's moms 10 year "heaven anniversary". we try to make that day a day of celebration about her and her life! she obliviously was such an amazing women to have raised such an amazing son! it is our desire to have the girls get to know and still have mark's mom a part of their life even though she is no longer here. we make some of her recipes and have a family dinner where mark tells us stories and we get to ask questions. we have done this every year and i love how each year i learn something new about her! we also for the last 7 years have planted a flower in the yard to remember her! she loved to garden and passed that down to mark as well. it is fun to walk around the yard and see all the plants we have done in her memory. and one of our favorite things is we buy a bunch of balloons and have the girls write notes to grandma and then we fly them to the sky. it is such a fun way for the girls to take part in this day!

happy 10 year heaven day!!


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elizabeth said...

10 years - a significant anniversary! Memory Eternal! I remember her well from my growing up years and am so glad your family remembers Mark's Mom with so much joy and the assurance of Christ's love and that she is waiting for us. Will light a candle for you all today on this day... She was and is a beautiful godly woman in Christ...