Monday, May 2, 2011

another day in paradise :)

we headed back to the beach after a day break...and we were all so excited to go back again. in the morning we loaded up the golfcart and headed to the beach across the street. the girls had a blast making a sea turtle out of sand, and looking for shells. kya was loving doing her boogie boarding that morning and caught quite a few good waves. yet again it was a wonderful day!

that afternoon we went to another beach blind creek about 5 min away. we went there looking for more shells and sea glass. we FELL IN LOVE with this beach. it was like we had the entire beach to ourselves! it was BEAUTIFUL! we had found what was our favorite spot...we played, and played in the shallow waters. it was a perfect spot for the girls.

as we were walking along the beach we saw an injured "bluefish" coming up with the waves. dad kind of pushed the fish with his foot back into deeper water and all of the sudden i saw a FIN coming out of the water about 25 feet from us! it was a SHARK! we watched the shark tumble with the fish and finally catch it. i grabbed my camera and caught on of the fins of the shark as it chased the fish...kind of cool and kind of scary.

all cleaned up after another AMAZING day...

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elizabeth said...

I am so happy that you are having this time! :)

so nice after Easter too! Christ is Risen!