Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i do talk to you too......

I found this on a blog a couple weeks ago...it really touched me..

I know you can't hear me...but I do talk to you.

And I hear everything you say to me too.

I hear you laugh when I do something funny.

I hear you yell "Hooray" when I try so hard.

I hear you tell others you would not trade me for the world

even with all the trials I came with.

I hear you thank God for what a blessing you have been given.

I hear you encourage me when I can almost do it.

I hear when you cry too, when it gets a little harder,

and when you ask God "why!?!?! your baby"

I know you know I understand somehow

And you know I listen when you talk to me too.

But I want you to know Mom....

I do talk to you.