Thursday, July 7, 2011

kya's 6th bday!

happy birthday kya! i cannot believe you are 6 years old today! being your mommy has been one of the greatest joys in my life! i feel soo blessed that God trusted me to be your mama! what a PURE JOY you have been in my life the last 6 years! you are such a special girl who DESIRES to do what is right. i love how you are a COMMITTED prayer warrior...if you say you will pray for someone you do it...and NEVER forget! i love how you love to help others truly have a servants heart! i love watching you with your sister and how you CARE so deeply for her. it touches my heart so when i see you get so excited with each new word kinley learns. i love how you love to learn! you have AMAZED me in school and i LOVE hearing you read! i love watching you dance ...the pure JOY that comes across your face is beautiful. it was so fun to see you play soccer and see your competitive side come out :) i love how you love to are your mama's daughter :) it has been so fun to see you turn into such a sweet, smart, happy, caring little girl who LOVES JESUS! i am soo proud of you and who you are! happy birthday sweet girl! i love you so much!

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Brooke said...

Man oh man -- I remember sitting in my living room when you called and told me you were pregnant! How was that SIX years ago???

Happy 6th birthday, Kya!! xo