Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~ a week full of sadness and joy ~

we have had a week full of ups and downs. this monday morning wilson took a bite at my mom and did some pretty good damage to her hand :( we have NO IDEA what has all the sudden caused him to become so aggressive. we have noticed the last couple months that he is very possessive of his food and have tried some different things to help with this..we have been working on his growling but would have never thought he would have actually bite someone. we where shocked. we really felt we had no choice. wilson is a BIG dog and we would never forgive ourselves if he bit one of our girls or any other child that visits our home. so....we had to find wilson a new home. it was a TOUGH decision! we LOVE wilson...but CAN NOT have that risk around or precious girls. when kya got home from school wilson was already gone so we took her out and told her what we decided. she was HEARTBROKEN!!! she LOVES her wilson, but we told her he needed to go to a home that had more room for him to run and with a family with no kids. we all had a day FULL of tears. it is so hard to let go of a pet that you have had in your family for 5 years. as we were sitting in Starbucks talking to of the first things she said was ..."mom we HAVE to have a dog as part of our family...can we get another dog"..........


logically my brain says no~

~they are expensive

~i don't want to potty train another dog

~ i don't want to do puppy class

~i am busy with kinley doing all her speech

~i dont want to make a rush decision

but when your daughter looks at your with those sad little eyes, your husband is a TOTAL DOG LOVER and your little 3 year old keeps wandering the house asking where is wilson...i caved :)

i spend HOURS online talking to breeders and other families about good small breed dogs. a friend recommended a shih chon breed. they are small but not fragile dogs who don't shed, are hypoallergenic ( important for mark's sarcoid), non aggressive, and do no bark as much as typical little dogs. we found a breeder about 25 min from our house and she was so amazing. we spent alot of time on the phone talking about her dogs and we set up a time to just come visit her puppies to see what we thought.

so we loaded up in the car and pulled up to fuzzy pups. it is a BEAUTIFUL place where they rescue puppies, board puppies and also breed shih chon puppies. we went in and visited with a couple of the puppies and guess who fell in love....we ALL DID!!!

kya immediately was drawn to this bundle of sweetness...

we had a family meeting when we left discussing what it means to get a puppy...what everyone responsibility would be..and we all agreed...

this is "belle" the newest member of our family! the breeder wants to keep her a couple more weeks till she gets a little bigger.

we are all SOOO excited....while the house feels EXTRA empty and quiet without wilson. we are excited about bringing her home!


elizabeth said...

what a CUTE dog! So sorry you had to give your Wilson away... but so glad you have found this young pup. I hope he is a great pet for you family...

Brooke said...

Going to visit/check out puppies = you are getting a puppy :)

Good decision about Wilson, so sad, but you guys did the right thing. I haven't been around him much, but it seems shocking to me, too that he would ever bite someone.

Can't wait to see more pics of the new pup!

kstivers said...

Really sorry to hear about wilson, but support you and am sending you lots of love! Yay for Belle! she won't replace wilson but will be a fun new addition to the family. Think about you all the time. So happy that Kinley is doing so well with speech. We continue to have good days and tough days with Nico. Love to all of you!