Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas eve service

this year kinley was able to join in on the christmas eve family service. i was unsure how it would go...but it was amazing. this mama had tears of joy running down her face watching kinley sing with her friends her age. this time last year kinley could not even say daddy....and this year she was able to sing along and participate in the service. i can not tell you what a gift this is. God has been soooo faithful this year and kinley has come sooo far! we were told last year there was a possibility she would be completely non verbal and she each and every week she learns another word! kinley has a joy about her that is so obvious to everyone around her...God blessed this sweet girl with the perfect personality for her challenges...she hardly gets frustrated and is just soo joyful. as you can see in this video she had a blast as well!!

kya and her cousins did an awesome job as well singing songs. it was a GREAT family service that we all enjoyed. it was the perfect start to our wonderful christmas weekend!

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