Monday, January 9, 2012

~our year with apraxia~

as i look back at 2011 i am amazed at what the Lord has brought us through. i spend some time reading back at blog posts of our year! it was such a blessing to see God take care of us. each hurdle that came our way God lifted us over. there were times it was difficult but we are progressing. this year of challenge that apraxia brought to our family has indeed been a blessing. it truly has brought our family closer, it has strengthened our faith, it has drawn us closer to God, it has touch so many peoples lives....God does use all things for his good.

Kinley is talking...maybe not were a "typical" almost 4 year old should be..but she is TALKING! we were told in march that there was a possibility that would never happen! each and every day she makes steps in the right direction. little things like telling people she is thirsty, hungry, sad, scared, happy...and so many more she could not do but now she CAN :)we also are soooo thankful that we were lead to leave childrens and seek out private therapy at home. we now have an AMAZING home therapist that specializes in apraxia who comes 2 times a week. Kinley LOVES joan and gets so excited to do therapy every time! this is such a HUGE answer to prayer. kinley was having a very hard time at childrens and would cry and beg to not go. so to now have therapy that not only is helping her but also that she enjoys is wonderful.

i want to thank everyone who has supported our family this last year. we COULD NOT have made it without you! you truly touched our lives! please continue to pray for kinley. she has a LONG road ahead with i am sure many difficult times. pray that her JOYFUL spirit does not get injured though this hard journey to finding her voice!

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