Monday, June 22, 2009

not really a "happy fathers day" i was going for :(

i had great plans for fathers day. i had gotten 2 joining rooms at embassy suites for sat night. i had ideas of swimming with the girls, hanging out, celebrating mark, and overall having fun!! well we checked in on sat, and i was noticing i was not feeling well. i tried to ignore it... we got the girls naps, went swimming, but i kept feeling not so well so i went to walmart to grab some pepto. it kept getting worse....i told mark i was sure it would go away. well around 800 i started puking...and spent the entire night in the bathroom puking my brains out ( sorry). i felt horrible not that i was sick, but that this was happening to our plans for marks fathers day! at 6am i told mark i really didn't know how i was going to make it out of the hotel. i finally got a hour of sleep and woke up to make it down to the lobby for the amazing made to order breakfast (that i could not look at). we headed home and i headed for bed for a quick nap hoping i would wake up feeling totally fine. when i woke up mark was looking pale and i knew it was moving to it's next victim. by sunday night mark and kya were both puking and we were all miserable. our fathers day gift was a basket filled with grilling supplies, and fun snacks for the day including smore supplies for a fathers day fire. it got nicely put away and we hopefully will put it to use someday soon! i feel so horrible for mark that he could not be celebrated, but i promised that we would do a redo.
i am hopeful that we are all turning a corner and that everyone will be feeling better soon! it was hard for me to see mark sick in combination with his sarcoid disease. he almost passed out this morning, it brought me back to the day he went into the hospital...and scared me! i am so glad to see him up and moving around tonight with color in his face!
most of all i want to tell mark how much i love him! he is such an amazing husband and father! i could never of dreamed of being with such an amazing man! everyday i love him more! i love to see him with the girls! they are so lucky to have a daddy that ADORES them and will do anything for them! he is the perfect role model for them of what it is to be a good, honest, caring, genuine, person who loves the lord! thank you babe for all that you are! we love you more then you will ever know! and i promise to redo fathers day soon!!!


elizabeth said...

oh no! so sorry to hear of this sickness; you and Mark on in my continued prayers.

The Cipolla Family said...

Bummer! That really sucks! Hope you're all feeling better and getting ready for your re-do soon!

Mandy Stevenson said...

Gosh, that was just aweful! I am so sorry again! I hope the redo happens soon. You all deserve a break from...everything! Love you guys!