Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sun and storms...that's colorado :)

this weekend we had a ton of fun outside. kya had her first swimming lesson at our community pool. her class is small with just 3 kids in it~ so nice! she had so much fun! we also played a lot outside in the backyard enjoying the nice weather. sunday afternoon as i was getting ready for work i heard the storm sirens going off and asked mark to look outside~ he was shocked with what he saw! a tornado! it ended up touching down within a couple minutes right by southlands mall! (mark was the civil engineer that built that mall and the new lowes that just opened up and now i am sure he will be getting a lot of calls to do some more work!) no one was hurt thank goodness, it is amazing to see cars and huge dumpsters lifted to blocks away from where they were! we also got some hail about 2-3 inches in diameter! we have the insurance claims coming to check out our roof as we now have some nice pitting on it !
this is very typical colorado weather in the beginning of the summer, but it has been a while to see a tornado that close! mark was amazed~he has never experienced a summer storm yet!
here are some pictures from fun exciting weekend!
kya at her 1st lesson
doing so good!

girls playing in the yard!
kinley loving a cool snack!
what we saw right outside out yard!

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elizabeth said...

Wow! I have never seen such a storm/tornado either! Glad to hear that there was no damage at your home! My small prayers for your family continue!