Wednesday, July 23, 2008

mr suns "jammas"

kya was getting ready for bed tonight and looked out her window. the sun was setting and she yelled with delight..."mr sun is going ni night!! he has his "jammas" on and is going behind the mountains"!!
it is so fun to listen to her and her way of saying the sun is setting....kya style :)


Brooke said...

so sweet and imaginative :)

tim and kristi said...

so how is her arm? is it in the cast yet? how long do they think it will take to heal? sounds like she is being quite the little trooper in the mean time. love, k

mbguikema said...

her arm is doing good...we go see the ortho specialist today. i am hoping for a waterproof cast! that will make the rest of summer a lot easier! she stay every once in a while..."my arm is ouchy" but then runs off!!