Monday, July 21, 2008


my brave girl
what a face :)

yes we had our first broken bone!! kya was trying to be a good big sister and was hurrying up the stairs to tell daddy that kinley was crying and "needed to go to bed". as she headed back down she stumbled on her blanket and tumbled down the stairs. mark said it was quite a scary site! she ended up on her face on the hardwood floor and flipped. mark was mostly worried about her head and neck...but no problems there. just a little bump on her nose and shoulder. he noticed she was not using her right arm and decided she should have it checked out. i was at work so i met them downstairs at children's er. she was acting pretty good by the time they got to the er. she was flying her mariposa barbie all around the er :) mark and i were trying to decide if we should take her home and see how it felt in the morning. but she insisted we stay and have the doctor look at it. so we did and sure enough she broke both bones in her wrist. the doctors and nurses were amazed how she hardly acted like she was in any pain. she is amazing :) so we have it in a hard splint for a couple days then head to the orthopedic specialist so get it checked out and casted!
poor thing has been a trooper but is frustrated that she cannot swim, swing, ride her bike, etc! we are trying to come up with some creative ideas to get through the next month or two!!!


tim and kristi said...

kya - poor thing. we are thinking of you all. i bet connor is happy to relay his wisdom in having a cast. love you all, k

Cheri Van Stelle said...

GaGa's tough little girl!

Brooke said...

Ohhhhh :( Poor little Kya and her broken wrist. I immediately thought of Connor, too. They can bond about this.