Saturday, July 19, 2008

what a funny girl!!

man kya is funny!! yesterday right before nap i found her attempting to stand and go potty like a boy. she looked up with with a really confused look on her face said " mommy where is my enis (penis) "? i was not quite sure what she was saying and the it hit me...and i started laughing then she got really serious and said " no mommy no laugh i lost it"!!! oh my goodness!! i had to pull myself together so that her feelings were not hurt. we had to sit down and talk about the differences between a boy and girl again...i wonder how many times she is going to be looking for her "enis" :)
then we climbed into bed and were reading a book before nap and a plane flew over our house and she said " mommy why is God's nap time "!!! mark and i have told her when it is thundering that God is bowling and to not be scared!...she is too cute!
i love my days when i just get to be a mom! what fun!!

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LauraAnne said...

the 'enis thing cracked me up. She has such a good head on her shoulders with wonderful parents to take care of her.