Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what a week!!

it has been crazy! kya broke her arm last week...and then with my dad's horrible motorcycle accident we are having a hard time finding up from down! we have been trying to be up at the hospital as much as possible with my mom and dad. this can be trying at times with 2 kiddos! but each day we have seen baby steps do dad getting better. there are times where we all get emotional and frustrated about why this all happened, and wanting to make it better for dad. we have learned to take it one day at a time. and ya know it is okay to just say life kind of sucks right now :) but in the midst of all the stress and worry we are still enjoying our family and our kids! they can bring smiles even in the worst times! i love watching my dad smile when i wheel kinley in the stroller into his hospital room! thanks again for your prayers and support!

what a smile
kya at her first dentist visit!
kya did AMAZING at her first dental visit! she was so brave and we were so happy to find out her teeth were in GREAT shape!! good job kya!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

thank you for your prayers!

yesterday morning i got a phone call that my dad was in a bad motorcycle accident. we rushed down to denver general where he had been brought. we were so thankful he had his helmet on! he is currently still in icu with chest tubes...broken ribs...punctured lung...lacerated spleen...broken elbow...and major road rash and bruises!!
we are so thankful he was not hurt any worse and that he is stable at doing well!
thank you to all my friends and family who have been so supportive! all your calls and visits have been amazing! we will keep you updated! hopefully he will be home soon and on the road to recovery!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

mr suns "jammas"

kya was getting ready for bed tonight and looked out her window. the sun was setting and she yelled with delight..."mr sun is going ni night!! he has his "jammas" on and is going behind the mountains"!!
it is so fun to listen to her and her way of saying the sun is setting....kya style :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

make a comment :)

it is so fun seeing all the people from all over the us and world read our blog :)
feel free to leave a comment!!! it is fun hearing from those who visit. you don't have to be a member anyone can leave a comment just click the comment icon at the bottom of the post!
hope you all are having a great day!

Monday, July 21, 2008


my brave girl
what a face :)

yes we had our first broken bone!! kya was trying to be a good big sister and was hurrying up the stairs to tell daddy that kinley was crying and "needed to go to bed". as she headed back down she stumbled on her blanket and tumbled down the stairs. mark said it was quite a scary site! she ended up on her face on the hardwood floor and flipped. mark was mostly worried about her head and neck...but no problems there. just a little bump on her nose and shoulder. he noticed she was not using her right arm and decided she should have it checked out. i was at work so i met them downstairs at children's er. she was acting pretty good by the time they got to the er. she was flying her mariposa barbie all around the er :) mark and i were trying to decide if we should take her home and see how it felt in the morning. but she insisted we stay and have the doctor look at it. so we did and sure enough she broke both bones in her wrist. the doctors and nurses were amazed how she hardly acted like she was in any pain. she is amazing :) so we have it in a hard splint for a couple days then head to the orthopedic specialist so get it checked out and casted!
poor thing has been a trooper but is frustrated that she cannot swim, swing, ride her bike, etc! we are trying to come up with some creative ideas to get through the next month or two!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

what a cutie!!

kinley is such a is so much fun!!

what a funny girl!!

man kya is funny!! yesterday right before nap i found her attempting to stand and go potty like a boy. she looked up with with a really confused look on her face said " mommy where is my enis (penis) "? i was not quite sure what she was saying and the it hit me...and i started laughing then she got really serious and said " no mommy no laugh i lost it"!!! oh my goodness!! i had to pull myself together so that her feelings were not hurt. we had to sit down and talk about the differences between a boy and girl again...i wonder how many times she is going to be looking for her "enis" :)
then we climbed into bed and were reading a book before nap and a plane flew over our house and she said " mommy why is God's nap time "!!! mark and i have told her when it is thundering that God is bowling and to not be scared!...she is too cute!
i love my days when i just get to be a mom! what fun!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my amazing husband!

what a surprise!! i walked down to the kitchen to find this surprise waiting for me! mark had made me a "date box" :) with having a new baby we don't get the time to get away very this is the best present ever!! i am so lucky to have a husband who cares for me so well! i can't wait for tonight...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the party!!

kya had a BLAST at her party! her was so excited to celebrate with all her family!

with the boys
talking on the phone with her cousins in michigan
so excited
birthday smile
kinley with pappy
kya having a blast!

butterfly pavilion

here are some pictures from the butterfly pavilion. we had a great time. kya had her butterfly wings on and "fluttered" through the entire exhibit :) she loved all the bugs too :)

kinley and mommy
kya drawing pictures of the bugs
kya flying
surprised at all the butterflies
kya loving the pavilion


birthday morning

mark and i had decorated the main level the night before kya's bday. she was so excited when she came downstairs that morning and saw all the decorations. she said "mommy thank you so much for the balloons...they my favorite". it was such a great time to take to celebrate her! gaga arrived soon after she woke up with a new butterfly purse filled with goodies. kya wanted a butterfly party so we made the entire day that theme. she dressed up as a butterfly for the day. we headed to mcdonalds for breakfast at the playland with gaga!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of july weekend

this weekend we headed to grand lake for the 4th of july weekend. we had a great weekend playing with family and friends!! despite not getting much sleep at all we managed to make tons of fun memories. kya loved the mountains and had a blast. we caught minnows, kya rode a pony, watched amazing fireworks, and overall had a great time.
all the kids waiting for the fireworks
our family by the river
daddy and his girl
one of kya's bday presents was a pony ride
mommy with her baby girl