Friday, April 17, 2009

mommy i am a big girl now

so kya has decided she is a "big" girl now :) the other day she decided she doesn't need her safety rail up on her bed. i have told her she needed to keep it up on her bed till she turned 4. i love how good she is about staying in her bed and calling for us if she wants to get out. i guess i have thought the rail helps remind her to stay in her bed. well i told her we would try for a week during naps with out the rail and if she stayed in her bed and was good during naps, we would get rid of the rail. well it has not been quite a week, but she has done GREAT. so today i surprised her and put the rail in the closet before naptime. when she walked in her room for nap she was soooo excited! she said "oh mommy my room is beautiful without my rail on my bed" :) she then got a very serious look on her face and told me " mommy i am a big girl now, i am almost 4. i don't need my rail anymore, i promise". she hopped up in bed and i handed her her 2 blankets and her water cup and she said " mommy big girls don't need blankets or cups in bed. it's okay i will be fine you can take them". i asked a bunch of times if she was sure and that was it i left the room and didn't hear a peep for the next 2 1/2 hrs. i had to sneak into get a picture of my "big girl" no blankets, no cup, no rail :)

tonight she wanted to watch a couple of minutes of a movie in our bed before bed. i had just finished putting kinley down and i went to go in my room. i opened the door and she was alone in our room. she said " mommy sometimes big girls need a little space when they watch movies, can you please give me some space?" i said sure kya and headed downstairs to find mark. he said he had been told she needed space too :) so funny! tonight at bedtime mark asked her if she wanted her blankets...she said no dad i am okay (she was not very sure about it) so mark said "well it looks like dixie (her stuffed bunny she was sleeping with ) wants some blankets :) " she agreed that was a good idea.

it is so funny how all the sudden she wants to be the "big girl".


Brooke said...

Wow. I need some space. How funny!

Mandy Stevenson said...

to precious to put into words! I just love it!!