Thursday, April 9, 2009

what a great night!

tonight i had date night with kya...just kya and me..
it was AWESOME!! life gets so busy i often don't take the time to stop
and REALLY enjoy what god has blessed me with!
this first baby growing up!!
i remember so vividly those first months after she was born...
the questions...the worry...fear...
and look at her now!! she is AMAZING!
kya payton guikema, you are such a light in my life!
i love you more then you will ever know!
being a mom to you is such a gift!
you give me joy, happiness, unconditional love, forgiveness... and so much more
you have a such an amazing heart! you are truly a sweet soul!
there are moments you challenge me...anger me...make me sad...
but in the end our love continues to grow!
i can't wait to see the lord use you!
i just know in my heart he has something very special for you...
your smile, your eyes...that special sparkle that you have
you are such a gift!
i am so glad we had tonight for me to just take time for YOU!

our dinner date at chipotle she was so excited!
that smile...
being funny
she loves to have her picture taken!
funny girl!
moments like these are priceless!
she said she had to take one of me..
one happy mommy!


Brooke said...

love this!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful soul you have on your hands! We love her, too!