Wednesday, April 29, 2009


this is when we got the news we were going home :)
we are home!!!
it feels so good to be home and out of the hospital. this afternoon the oncologist came in to give us some "preliminary" results. he said that it looks like it is not a "type B" cancer which is the more aggressive so that is great news. they also do not think it is the sarcoid disease. they are now down to a treatable from of lymphoma. the only other option is there is a very small percent it could be a type of rare infection of the lungs. the oncologist is planning on seeing us on weds to go over treatment and to get a plan for the future. we are going from one moment of feeling good about it all, joking around, to the next shedding some tears about what this will look like for our family. he said he will continue to give us as much information he can as he finds out . we feel SOOOO blessed by this oncologist. he has a GREAT bedside manner, is easy going, and puts our heart as ease. so for now we are home, mark is going to take is easy recovering from surgery. we are going to try to enjoy our family and try to not sit and dwell about what could happen in the future.
thank you all for your prayers and support! we will for sure update you all as we hear anything!


Clark Family said...

I am so glad to hear that you are home... Bummed I missed your call today, I don't know why but sometimes my phone doesn't ring then I get a message way later... Anyways, I thought about you guys the whole day. Lovin you from way over here in CA!

Brooke said...

So good to hear! Crazy how we can be "hoping" it's "just" cancer. Enjoy your day together :)

mary velier said...

Hey Guikema Family, Hello from your dad's cousin in Wisconsin, Mary Jo Velier. Wanted to let you guys know that we are following your posts daily on your blog and we really appreciate it. We have you in our prayers daily and know that God will not give you anymore than you can handle. Your faith in Him and your attitude will go a long way in the days that lie ahead, and the road to a recovery.

Mandy Stevenson said...

love you guys, love you guys, love you guys! Glad you're home. Let us know how we can help you...we're just a phone call away!

Molly at Blink Photographic said...

So good to keep getting your calls and whatever info you're hearing here and there. Keep it coming. We'll keep praying. Love you guys.
One hospital to another:
Kristian and Molly