Friday, May 1, 2009

passing time...

when we got home we tried to pass the time...a hard thing to do when you are waiting to see what is going to happen to your life. grandpa and grandma drove in from michigan to help us as we waited :) kya got to plant some flowers outside her playhouse, grandpa guikema and i finished the patio in front of our house that mark had started. it was hard for mark to sit and watch.... i am just glad we got it done. now mark and i can sit out on our patio and...pass the time....and wait for results

grandpa working on the patio
kya's beautiful garden she planted with mama and grandma this girl can make you forget about everything and just smile!

swimming with grandpa...she was soooo excited
what fun memories for her
she loves her "silly grandpa"

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L.L.L. said...

Hi Guikemas,
We're glad Charlie and Jan are there with you. Please know that we are praying you will be carried in the palm of God's almighty hand during this difficult time in your life. Even though we're miles away, please call if there is anything we can do!
Love, Laura