Monday, May 11, 2009

still figuring it out

yesterday was a great day and a hard day... mark was so excited in the morning and had a lot of cute stuff planned for mothers day...he let me sleep in till 8 am...served me coffee in bed...had sweet cards...thoughtful presents...made breakfast...and then we were in a rush to get out the door to church. the race was on and it was a crazy. we finally got in the car and i took a look at mark...and he looked horrible. i mean he looked great...but sick :( i asked how he felt and he said he felt nauseated, dizzy & just overall bad. i talked him into turning the car around so that he could go home and lay down. he was so upset and frustrated that his body was telling him enough was enough. i got him to agree to nap for an hour and to see how he felt after that. i could tell after he had laid down he still felt pretty bad, but said he wanted to go to mom's for lunch. we had a great time at mom's celebrating. by the time we got home...he was ready for bed.
he was so frustrated and i so wished i could make it better for him. right now we are just learning how to do life with this disease. the hardest part is that the doctors say to expect 1-2 years before he in full remission, and for us that feels like FOREVER!
we are just taking it a day at a time...and trying to finding joy is all the blessing God has given us!
here are some pictures from our couple days away! it was so amazing that my aunt and uncle let us stay at their BEAUTIFUL cabin! it feels like a resort when we go there :)

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elizabeth said...

sounds like a lot of adjustments. would a change in diet help? hard to pre-plan and pace one' self.

the beauty you are all surrounded with and your girls are lovely!

my small prayers!