Saturday, May 2, 2009

a new look on life

today was a new day. a day with a new out look on life. today is a day we cherish each moment together as a family. today is a day that we move forward with what God has handed us. today was a good day....sarcoidosis and all :)
yesterday was hard. yesterday we were handed a diagnosis we did not want. but all we can do now is move on. we will not have to like it, but we have to accept it. mark and i know God is going to use this for his good. we will have a stronger marriage, we will be more loving parents, we will be more compassionate people....we will be better.
today i started taking steps to help mark physically in this new chapter of life. one area i can help i have learned is to decrease the risk of inflammation response for his body. the doctors said taking simple steps as decreasing dust, allergens, etc can help. i want to take ANY step to help mark fight off this and go in to remission as soon as possible. today i moved the furniture (with the help of my mom and sister :) ) and did a deep cleaning on our bedroom. threw away the pillows, and down comforter and got rid of any excess things that could gather dust. we got some new bedding, and pillows that are all hypo allergenic and can be machine washed very easily. i feel i can breath better already :) i know it may not do much for mark, but i am willing to try anything!!!
today we talked a little with kya about what is going on...she just said "i so sorry daddy you have sickies in your lungs...i will talk to jesus to help make you all better "....gotta love that girl!!
mark says to say thank you for all your love and support! it has been amazing to have people reach out to us during this time! he says he will blog tomorrow :)!!!
goodnight for now!


tim and kristi said...

seriously - got to love kya's sweet heart that loves jesus and her precious petition to Him for her dad. know you have done a wonderful job as parents and i trust the Lord will continue to use her to encourage you through this journey (and kinley too). thinking of you all as you process. and praying with kya. love to you, kristi

kcstivers said...

You are amazing with your strength! You are right....There will be some purpose for this that you will see down the will be bumpy, but what a ride. charlie and i are here for both of you...Brooke, if you would like some cheering from charlie since he has been where you are, and Mark if you would like some cheering from my side, I just celebrated the 12 year mark for all of my health issues...we love you both sooooo much your girls are a reflection of your love and strength and God's miracles! Love you!

Clark Family said...

Loving you to pieces from way over here... Wish I was closer just to be the one who could show up at your door at midnight if you needed anything... But I am so glad that you have the best family in the world and support all around you! You are one awesome, godly woman and I just love ya!

Just a phone call away!

Love you girl...