Wednesday, April 22, 2009

on the road to recovery :)

today kinley went in to have tubes put in her poor ears. the poor girl has had infections the last 5 months and we cannot get this last infection to clear. dr chan...a wonderful ent got us into surgery right away to help her start to feel better! we went into children's this morning to have them placed. what an amazing hospital. we spent a lot of time at the old children's hospital, but have been lucky enough to not have to visit the new children's. it is perfectly set up for kids and families. it went so smoothly it was wonderful. kinley did amazing. we are home taking a day at home to recover. thank you to everyone for your support and concern for kinley. she is draining some nice yucky stuff out of her those tubes are working!! i am so excited to have her feeling better!
wagon ride as we arrive at the hospital
dada and kins about to go into the surgery area

sweet baby
waiting for surgery
cuddle time with daddy
about to go back for surgery
kya came back to make sure her sister was okay
kya wanted to rock kinley before we headed home :)
my groggy baby...gotta love all the meds!!


tim and kristi said...

i am glad everything went so well. and praying she continues to feel better and better.

Molly at Blink Photographic said...

oh, wow. big day! i so hope you notice a difference - fast. love that she's sporting a hair bow even for the O.R. - that's awesome.