Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 steps forward 1 step back

today was hard..... i think we got kind of confident in ourselves and God wanted to remind us who was really in control :) this morning kinley forgot how to say "dada"....she kept calling mark "gaga" or "mama". it is so hard to get soooo excited about kinley FINALLY saying "dada" and then a week later loosing it. i am sure there will be a lot of days like this ahead...but it is hard. it is also a time to take a step back and look at how AMAZING she has done and not just focus on the one negative. after A TON of working on it today...she was able to say "dada" a number of times...but it remains inconsistent.

another item that God is having me have faith in is work....i have not worked in 2 weeks!!! it has been slow at work and since i am "prn" i am the first to be cut for it looks like another week without pay...yikes! it times like this when i am trying to plan for costs of therapy it is scary. but i know God will provide and take care of us! he always does!!

so today was a hard one...but we are confident in his plan!!! just hoping tomorrow is better :)


Maggie said...

I love you Brooke and pray for you everyday! I just now read this and wish I could have talked to you today! Hang in there. Kinley is doing wonderful and will get it! I can't imagine your feelings and all the ups and downs. It has to be so hard but please just know that I am here for you!!! If you don't work tomorrow and feel like getting out please come to book club. I am making margs and yummy food. I would love to see you and hang out! If not tomorrow lets go out one night before you leave. Hang in there! Also remember having sick girls can bring your spirits down. At least it did for me! You are going to go on vacation and get a well needed break away and some fun family time!!!! Talk soon! ~maggie

CHERI said...

Brooke, you are an amazing mom and therapist!! Kinley has made great strides and God has got this. It's so good to know, even though there's days like today. thanks for sharing your heart! love you!

elizabeth said...

hang in there. God will not leave you.