Sunday, April 3, 2011

kinley said dada!!!!

it was an amazing weekend! kinley has really struggled to say mark has been so patient and has been called mama by kinley :) we have been working on it for over a year and it has just not come...the message was just not coming through. a couple weeks ago we taught kinley the sign language for dada and for mama. it was then that she started to attempt to say dada. this past week we have been putting into practice some of the new techniques from kinley's new therapist and it WORKED! with apraxia it is not that kinley does not know how to say dada in her sweet head...but for some reason the message is just not carried into motor planning in her mouth. the great thing about kids is their brain has something called "plasticity" (a term we learned about this week). that means they are changeable and respond to incoming stimulation. Neural pathways can actually be created as a result of stimulation!!! AND praise the LORD for this ...cause look what kinley learned to say this weekend!!!

let me just tell ya how many tears were falling when these sweet words came out LOUD AND CLEAR! her daddy was feeling on the top of the world!!!

on sat at kya's soccer games...some of our dearest friends and family were there..and we said..."kinley tell them what new word you learned" and she said dada...over and over! it was so cute all our friends and family started cheering and again more tears shed!! it was soooo amazing to share this moment with some of our amazing support system! through the prayers of many of these people....our prayers were answered! thank you all..keep the prayers coming they are WORKING!! i can't wait for LOTS of more videos to share!


elizabeth said...

so happy for you!

Dana said...

Love it!

The Cipolla Family said...

Praise the Lord! What an adorable little girl you have and that video almost brought tears to my eyes too! SO excited for you guys and looking forward to many more positive updates!