Monday, April 25, 2011

family vacation to FLORIDA

last friday we took our first family vacation with the 4 of us! the last time we flew together was to michigan for 3 days when kinley was just a few months old. so let me tell you how excited we all were for this adventure. we booked our tickets over 8 months ago to head to florida to nettles island to visit mark's parents. finally the day came for us to head there and you could say we were a little excited...we arrived early at the airport, and thank goodness! our connection was through dallas and they were having some nasty weather so our flight was majorly delayed. but since we got to the airport early they got us on a earlier flight so we could make our connection! it was so fun to see the girls excitement to fly! they were both ANGLES on both flights! we got to florida a couple hrs later then planned due to the weather in dallas...but they both went running with smiles on their faces to greet grandpa and grandma! nettles is about an hour away and both girls were OUT when we arrived to the island. by the time we got in bed it was almost 3 am...but we didn't care it...we MADE it and had a wonderful vacation ahead of us!

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