Monday, March 28, 2011

excited and nervous :)

so tomorrow is kinley's first therapy session with the specialist at childrens. this speech language pathologist came HIGHLY recommended from the head of childrens speech department as the best therapist for apraxia. it has been such an answer to prayer to be starting this journey tomorrow. i am both excited and nervous to start. i can't wait to get more tools to help kinley, but i am nervous of how it will go. our appointment is at 8 am in littleton ( about 40 min away). i am so thankful for one of my mom's friends, jane, who has GRACIOUSLY offered to come to my house at 715 am to help get kya ready and bring her to school, since me and kinley will be leaving then to drive to her therapy. thank you jane ! it has been amazing having people totally selflessly offering to help us out ! for now we are scheduled every other tues at 8 am and every other thurs at 1100. i have already had NUMEROUS offers to pick kya up from school those thurs...once again THANK YOU ! every hurdle i seem faced with, God just knocks down as almost to say "there you go, i will take care of that :)". it has been amazing !

we made it to church this weekend..for some reason we have not been able to bring ourselves to go the last couple weeks. it is so crazy how the place where your soul gets nourished and taken care of.... we avoided. i think it was due to the fear of emotions. mark and i both said how we were doing so well to "hold it together" that we didn't want to fall apart at church. now that is actually wrote and read is so obviously crazy. that is EXACTLY where we should have RUN to ! who cares if people see your tears streaming down during the service..or how you walked into the service with your makeup done nicely but when i leave there is hardly a trace of any ! this weekend was just that...mark and i think made it about 30 seconds into worship before the tears started flowing. it was not all sad tears, but tears showing our emotional humble faith that God is there...taking care of us. it was almost cleansing to our souls it felt amazing, it was just what our hearts, souls and minds needed. i walked out of church and all i felt was PEACE! i hope that we don't make that mistake again and worry more about showing our "humanness" then spending time with God.

i will update you all tomorrow after our therapy session and let you know how it went. prayers that we "click" with our therapist would be awesome! we will be spending a lot of time with her and it is my prayer that she would too feel like we are a good fit. thank you all again for your notes, prayers, emails etc. it is amazing to be so loved and supported!


broke said...

Praying for you! I pray that you will receive amazing instruction on Tuesday and that God will provide for you more than you can ask or imagine and / or the grace to deal with the information you receive. Love ya!

Aunt Sally and family

CHERI said...

Can't wait till tomorrow!! To see God's hand in each day!

kstivers said...

Love and encouragement to you!

elizabeth said...

Continued love and prayers!! Christ's peace be with you all...

Jaime said...

Prayers for tomorrow!!! God has guided you through this all, your therapist will just be another answer to prayer! I can't wait to hear what tools they will give you to work with kinley, she is gonna do awesome!

Love how your so real, I was Sooooo thinking of
You guys in church yesterday and wow what a service
And worship, made me cry!!!! Love ya guys and God knows how to speak to us when we need it, amazing!!!!