Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a great afternoon!

this afternoon it was so nice to just hang out with my girls. we laughed, we sang. we blew bubbles, we had "girls club" in the top club house of our playset, we read books...we just had fun! it felt so good to just be outside and soak in some "normal" time with my girls. life has been kind of crazy the last couple weeks, so taking the afternoon to just have fun with them, was a gift to my soul.
i felt like i was smiling all is amazing to me how even though kinley can not say alot of words...she finds her own way to communicate. God blessed her with this AMAZING personality and she is so EXPRESSIVE in all she does. she also is loving using the sign language we have been learning. i just feel every hour i see God blessing our lives through this current situation.
a favorite moment today happened when we were sitting on on the grass laughing at wilson trying to eat the bubbles we were blowing and kya said " mommy did you just hear kinley...she just said ilon op (wilson pop)! see mom jesus hears our prayers and he is already answering them...he is so awesome huh". i got tears in my eyes..."yes kya he is awesome! " but also what is awesome is how my girls are getting to live in the middle of his blessings right makes all this struggle worth it!


Jaime said...

That kya is an angel from God, her soft heart just amazes me! I love how God has just worked through both of them and how love pours out of em!!!! Those girls are special and I just love em!!!!!

elizabeth said...

May God continue to uphold and encourage you all! glad to read of your happiness in the midst...