Tuesday, March 29, 2011


today i had an early start....i am NOT a morning person but today it did not matter that my alarm went off at 530am...i was awake anyway :) i spent a lot of the night awake thinking and praying about kinley's day today. i know i should not doubt that God would work today out perfectly, but i had some moments of worry. would we "click" with our new therapist, would kinley be responsive to therapy, would it work...would kinley talk..... but as i drove to therapy this morning i felt excited and peaceful.

we waited in the waiting room and mary lou our therapist walked out i just knew it was okay. during the next hour we had a GREAT time. mary lou was awesome! she was kind, authentic, FULL of knowledge and a PERFECT FIT :)

i left with A LOT of information and "homework" for kinley and our family...and it was WONDERFUL! as a mother it felt amazing to be empowered with things i can "DO" to help kinley. i am excited about the tools and plan mary lou explained. she warned me that therapy will kind of go in 12 sessions. she told me that i might not see a lot of progress in the first 12 weeks, but she said she is confident that by the end of the 2nd 12 weeks that i will start to really notice some change. i know 6 months seems like a long time to see some little changes, but to hear that we will see something is encouraging. i had a "moment" today with mary lou and with tears had a mommy moment asking if she thought kinley would ever talk. i LOVED her response...she looked at me and just smiled and said "brooke, kinley is already talking...listen to her...we just don't understand what she is saying :) " this statement is so true! kinley may not be able to articulate her words well but boy that sweet girl of ours can communicate in a way all of her own :) kinley has the best personality and it shines !! i love this girl!

it has been another amazing day showing us once again God has the perfect plan for us!

thank you all for your prayers and support!!! i can't wait to video kinley post some videos of her progress!!


CHERI said...

Between Kinley's amazing therapist and amazing parents...I can't wait to see what God is going to accomplish through you all in our amazing little girl's life!!
All my love
Ga Ga <3

Dana said...

So happy it went so well. She is in the right hands....God's, you and Mark's and her therapists!!

elizabeth said...

it is so wonderful that we are in the hands of God. prayers and love!