Friday, April 18, 2008

first night back

i am sitting here at work it is 403 am...way too early :) tonight was my first night back to work. it went well! despite a few tears handing kinley over to daddy when i walked out the door :) it is weird life..working nights. i guess being home for the last 12 weeks i realize that it is not normal to stay awake for 24 hrs. doing this crazy schedule was a lot easier when i was single and could sleep the next day away if i choose! i cannot complain i have a beautiful little girl waiting for me at home! i just got an update from mark, and kinley is just waking up for a feeding...she has been an angel for him..what a good girl! kya is at gaga's house(thanks mom) so mark could just deal with one kiddo his first night alone. well i better go check on my patients one more time before i leave for the night! it was a long night...moments of missing my girls and bed :), and my "normal" day night life...but it was great to be back taking care of people, visiting with co workers, and using my brain in a different way.
i just hope my baby girl will give me a couple hours of good sleep this morning :)

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Brooke said...

Glad you had a good first night back. I never understood/understand how you do it. I would definitely be drooling face-first into a keyboard by 12:30. Have a good weekend!