Sunday, April 20, 2008

pretty ears!!

this weekend kinley and i went to the womens retreat with church. we had a great time! during our free time on saturday mom, sonya and i took kinley to get her ears pierced. she did wonderful and only cried about a minute afterwards! daddy didn't know we were for sure going to do it..but we sent him a picture message afterwards :) when kinley and i got home this afternoon...kya was so excited to see her newly decorated ears! she kept telling kinley "you are beautiful beautiful darling"! she was so proud of her little sister to have earrings just like her! of course i think it is adorable!


tim and kristi said...

she is just getting cuter and cuter. love to you all, kristi

Brooke said...

It was only a matter of time :) Where did Kya learn the word "darling" ? That's pretty stinkin' cute.

Clark Family said...

I LOVE EARRINGS!!!!!!! How fun!!! B__ Kinley really is soooo beautiful... she's got the cutest baby face ever!!!! I'm glad your first night of work went well... talk to ya soon, Love, KAcy