Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my first blog

my first :) i was encouraged by brooke knipp to start a blog...had a nice quiet afternoon while the girls slept, so i thought i would give it a try! life here at the guikema house has been a ride. it is hard to believe that we have now been married for 4 years and have 2 beautiful girls! as many people joke we were on the fast track, but for us it is the perfect pace! kya is now almost 3 years old...holy cow that is crazy! i cannot believe my baby is almost 3! she is a kick in the pants. mark and i are always laughing and amazed at what comes out of her mouth! she is one of the sweetest most sincere people! i cannot wait to see how god is going to use her in her future! then we have miss kinley... she is 2 months old!! that has flown by! she is such an amazing baby! she loves to smile and cuddle! she is so easy going and mellow! thank you lord :) mark is still working with ground...which is a love hate relationship! i love that he has a great job..but we both wish we could spend more time together as a family.... i am about to go back to work part time at the hospital! i am actually excited about it! i love my girls..but it is time for mommy to have some adult conversation and have her mind challenged a little more then diapers, feedings, and playtime ...all which i love also :). so that is a look into our current life...oh yeah there is wilson our crazy goldendoodle dog...poor boy has not gotten up attention since kinley has been born..don't worry warm weather is coming and he will get lots of walks and playing the the yard time with us :)

well i will leave it with one sweet quote from this week from kya :)

we were just hanging out and i wrapped my arms around her and was just holding her and she turned and said "mommy that makes my heart so happy"... i love that girl :)


Brooke Knipp said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! I am so excited you started a blog. Kya's quote is so sweet! I hope you keep up with this blog--I love reading about "current events" in the lives of friends I don't see as much as I'd like. Great pictures, too :) I love the one of Kya reading to sleeping Kinley. Way to go, Brooke!

LauraAnne said...

Yea! I am super happy that you have decided to blog! Especially about your fantastic family! What a great way to keep in touch and keep me/everyone updated!!
Love you!