Sunday, April 6, 2008

funny story

now you may not find this funny...but personally i love it when people fall. i know it is mean, but i am one of those people that if someone first reaction is to laugh...then to ask if they are okay :) so today at church mark and i found a nice seat in the third row of church...we were sitting there talking and i was having one of those nice moments looking at kinley and listening to the nice background music. dana, my sister, walked up and wanted to sit with us...i was going to stand up a little to let her pass by and move to the next seat i stood up and started to sit down again...but there was no seat to sit on!! you know those moments that life seems to be in slow motion...well this was it :) my arms and legs were all over trying to catch my balance..and i am thinking to myself i am not going to do this if front of the whole church...luckly my sister held out her hand at the last moment and i held on with all my might and she helped me to my feet! by this point mark, dana and i are laughing so hard we are starting to make a scene. throughout the entire worship i just kept laughing. i love those moments!!


Brooke Knipp said...

I'm the same way! I would have laughed at you if I had been there. I wasn't there and I laughed. Glad you're alright :)

Cheri Van Stelle said...

I thought this was hillarious!! Dad got a good laugh too!

tim and kristi said...

i am sitting in the library at school trying to not make a scene by laughing too hard. thanks for sharing. that is really funny! i am glad you are ok :)

Molly at Blink Photographic said...


i'm so glad you have your dana and sonya!
you three always made me wish i had sisters!
hooray for the blog, brooke!