Wednesday, April 16, 2008

too quick!!

time is going by sooo fast!! i cannot believe that kinley is going to be 10 weeks old tomorrow! it seems like just yesterday she joined our family...yet in other ways i cannot imagine life without her! i offically go back to work tomorrow!! i am excited...but kind of nervous to leave her! mark will do great with the girls..i just have mixed feelings about it all :)

kinley is just a joy..she sleeps great....and smiles all the time. it is so fun to watch kya with her and see how much they love eachother. i hope they are good friends growing up. i love my friendships i have with my sisters and wish that relationship for them as well!

kya is growing up so fast...the things that come out of her mouth are priceless! today i was frustrated with my phone....kya looked at me and said "mommy are you crabby? do you need to take a break?" i said "probably kya" she quickly came back with "mommy you go to kya's bed..i play with kinley"

what a crack up!!

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Brooke said...

What a thoughtful lil girl you have :)